Why Origins 5in1 Is The Best Supplement for Breeding Dogs

The Importance of Reproductive Health For Stud Dogs and Breeding Bitches

Rogue set out to validate existing animal research and provide further measurable data that Origins 5in1 is the best supplement for breeding dogs. Rogue’s approach to improving the total health of dogs and cats is through improving overall gut health. We worked with a group of veterinarian professionals who wanted to see greater impacts to gut hormones and reproduction factors in dogs given their link to the GI tract when Origins 5in1 was added to the dogs’ diets.

Customer named Kayleigh as success using Origins 5in1 with her dogs

The studies, as well as our customers’ testimonials, show that Origins 5in1 is the best supplement for breeding dogs and puppies. We have seen truly exciting results such as improving AMH in intact females, improving semen count and quality in male stud dogs, and stronger and healthier pups. The Rogue Team will continue to develop our breeder program and offer breeders special pricing and programs.

Breeding Females
• Improved female reproduction rates

• More consistent ovulation cycles

• Milk production quality & quantity

• Faster recover after a litter

• Longer breeding life span

• Less stress during gestation  

Stud Dogs
• Improved male reproduction rates

• Improved semen quality, quantity, motility

• Better recover after collections

• Longer breeding life span & potential

• Lean muscle mass gains

• Stronger & healthier pups

• Increased litter size

• Better growth rates

Origins 5in1 is breeder approved!!

Positive Customers Reviews For Origins 5in1

Female Reproduction Improvements with Origins Canine 5in1 Supplement

Female canine reproduction value, like other mammals, is most commonly measured through Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH)(1,2). Ever hear of AMH? Probably not. AMH is rarely talked about in dogs and cats,and is a prime example of the knowledge gap facing pet owners. AMH is highly conserved across many mammalian species(3) and is a useful biomarker used in the dairy, beef and equine reproduction fields. AMH can provide additional service as an early indicator for tumors and cysts if AMH levels are extremely high. This also holds true for male dogs and horse studs(5,6).

Why does this matter? AMH for each female is at its peak once reproductive maturity is reached. So, the younger an animal is the higher the AMH level, for that specific animal, will be. As a female animal ages the level of AMH will decrease naturally, but diet and health factors can also reduce the reduction of that AMH signal.

Study Showing Reproductive Biomarkers For Breeding Females

A total of 5 females were included in this open clinic study conducted at Dogwood Animal Clinic. Of the 5 females, only two were intact. Age ranges were 0.4, 1, 2, 4, and 10yrs)

WHAT DID WE SEE? Of the 5 female canines in this health improvement study, 2 of the females were intact and are the only participants that registered AMH levels when originally tested. AMH signal is only produced by unfertilized eggs, validating why only the two dogs with intact reproduction tracts had a measurable level of AMH circulating in their body.

As you can see from the above chart, Origins 5in1 is shown to increase AMH levels in breeding age female dogs. In this case, having an impact on the unfertilized eggs which has a direct impact on the AMH levels in circulating blood. It is clear that Origins is the best supplement for breeding American Bullys.

This scenario plays out when a planned breeding doesn’t work, even when additional progesterone testing and surgical methods have been applied. Breeders make real decisions based on AMH levels for the breeding potential of animals, viability potential for artificial breeding practices, and when an animal should be retired from breeding altogether (3,4, 5, 6). Both dairy and race horse programs make million dollar buying/selling decisions around this breeding factor, so it’s kinda a big deal!

What does the rise in AMH level mean for female American Bullys? 

• Increased & more consistent ovulation cycling
• No missed heats
• Improved conception rates – natural & artificial
• Longer breeding potential
• Improved litter size

These findings are the first look at AMH levels in canines demonstrating similar responses as in human females. AMH levels range from one female dog to another, as in human to human, thus AMH levels are unique to each animal. Because of this uniqueness all evaluation changes can only be measured against the same animal, not compared to females of the same species or others. This data also shows this established knowledge in humans to be reflected in canines as well. This data shows for the first time that AMH levels can be improved in female dogs naturally with the inclusion of Origins 5in1! This is an exciting result, showing that Origins is the best supplement for breeding dogs.

Male Reproduction Improvements with Origins Canine 5in1 Supplement

WHAT ABOUT MALE AMERICAN BULLYS? Male reproduction has been improved in adult mature males looking at sperm count and motility scores after just 30 days. Rogue Pet Science has tracked many stud dogs, testing for improvement. Our studies show Origins 5in1 can take dogs from ratings of good to excellent, which is a much harder improvement than poor to good.

Semen Study Results For Dogs Using Origins 5in1

In certain breeds, like the American Bully, we have even seen increased lean body mass on mature dogs in just 30 days along with the improvement in semen scores. When you understand that fertility is a good proxy for health, this makes keeping your dogs on Origins Canine 5in1 all the time the best approach.

Puppy Health and Development with Origins Canine 5in1 Supplement

WHAT ABOUT PUPPIES? With puppy development, there is a window of development where proper nutrition and support of gut health can play a vital role in maximizing the health and genetic potential of a dog. In production animals this early supplementation is very established as a way to save money over the life of the animal.

From our breeders who track litter size and puppy growth sizes closely, we are seeing and hearing of puppies fed Origins outpacing non-Origins pups on development, growing very evenly and avoiding that up then out growth that many are use to, and we are also hearing of breeders averaging an additional 1 to 2 pups on a litter. These improvements have been seen on several breeds, from Australian Kelpies to less established breed lines like the American Bully.

Puppies Show Improvement When Using Origins 5in1

Bully puppy growing well with Origins 5in1

Larger litter sizes place more stress on Mom to feed the pups. So many litters have been raised on Origins 5in1 Supplement and for so many it’s made all the difference for mom dogs who previously would get very fed down looking caring for their pups. It has also helped nursing moms maintain milk production and bounce back to healthy weights quicker than previously seen.

High quality nutrition and enhancing digestion means more calories are absorbed and less waste comes out the other end. Many breeders choose to use Origins Canine 5in1 Supplement to reduce the amount of kibble they are feeding. Many are already feeding to body condition or based on many other factors such as age, workload, and planned confirmation shows. Origins can play a role in any of those scenarios and be a powerful tool for maximizing efforts or minimizing waste. FEEDING LESS DOG FOOD MEANS LESS DOG POOP. The more nutrition that absorbs in your dog means the poop has less nutrition and will attract less flies. Dogs on Origins poop quality changes in the first 3 to 5 days with it drying out quicker and results in reduced order and better fly control naturally.

Remember, If it’s not adding value….it’s subtracting value. 

Customer happy with raising litter on Origins 5in1

The Best Supplement For Breeding the American Bully: Origins Canine 5in1

Origins 5in1 Supplement is a superfood topper + gut health system. It provides active nutrition, highly digestible wild-level nutrition, full spectrum fish oil, whole food sourced vitamins and minerals. Origins 5in1 adds gut health support through a unique ratio of their tri-plex biome (pre-biotics, probiotics, post-biotic), and digestive enzymes with yeast support. There is no other product proven to do so much to improve the health of the American Bully.

Here at Rogue Pet Science, our entire goal has been to fix problems such as: reproduction health, stress management and gut health, for all American Bullys to achieve better health. We can do this quickly, naturally and with little cost. We can do this because we believe in being a real solution for all Bully owners by putting their dog’s health before money to earn your trust. We invite you to try Origins Canine 5in1 supplement because we truly believe it is the best supplement for the American Bully on the market. Our products have the first ever 100% No Bull Sh*t Guarantee. The only risk is not seeing your American Bully thriving at their very best!



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